Saturday, December 15, 2012

School Shootings Are Staged Government Propaganda For Gun Control.

This school shooting shit is the last fucking straw.  I am so fucking sick of how "pretend" the outside world is, I Watched Berry Soetrro A.k.A. Obama, along with countless other news actors get on national TV and fake cry, you can see the disgusting imaginary emotions ooze out from behind their gills, slopping and dripping on the ground like, pinworms, crawling out of David Mayer DeRothschilds asshole at night to lay its eggs. To me, their globs of fake sorrow seep out of there skin like cheap High Fructose Corn Syrup ketchup through a paper towel. They are pretending so hard to be sad, you can see the little smirks behind their dough-eyes.  Not even ONE hour after this school shooting, what is the talking point of every fucking news station? GUN CONTROL, shit, imagine that!  Obama, the fucking illegal, foreign born, human sack of Henry Kissinger loving shit, was not even a week ago, under fire because he is trying right now, as I type trying to pass a GUN BAN, of course the REAL Americans of this country, the people in the world who still has a dick and a spine, are fucking fighting, Osama, er, Obama on every front, so what happens ? eh? magically? a fucking school shooting, just like when Clinton tried to pass a gun ban for semi auto, failed and then magically, Columbine happened, ah history, the crystal ball to the future.

-In journalism school, its taught that stories that involve children in tragedy, will sway readers more than any other subject matter.

-In Liberal Linguistics, (mass control by speech, as taught at MIT) it is taught to use the deaths or crisis of children to persuade large groups to the way of your ideals or movement.

Obama Chief Of Staff says never let a crisis go to waste.

I will write more about this fucking staged government event to try to ban our RIGHT to bare arms as more things surface, right now, I would fucking believe not one sliver of anything that ANY of the main news stations are telling you , I.E. This bullshit about him killing his parents,

I mean come on motherfuckers, are you stupid enough to think the news stations collected in a few hours, old interviews, his entire history, old interviews with his family and home movie footage… entire dossier, in 9 hours….if you do, I have a piece of the Moon I want to sell you for cheep, it looks like an old moldy cheeseburger, but I assure you, it’s a hunk of the moon…

God damn, I am so sick of the general public.

Gun bans make you LESS safe, you fucking idiots, look at Mexico, no CITIZENS have guns, its damn illegal, but can a criminal get a gun, fuck yes, in fact, all of them have one. Japan? total gun ban, does Yakuza have guns, yup, do citizens get slaughtered by them, yep.

Basel Switzerland? oh, wait, everyone has a gun, and there is virtually no crime, in fact, when I was there, most people left their doors unlocked.

Millions of children get there arms blown off, paralyzed, deformed, burned beyond recognition everyday from the United Nations Army (including US troops) no one gives a shit about them, but some yuppies have heart failure, or at least pretend to on TV over a school shooting that was staged by our government, facebook is flooded with fake “heart felt condolences”  fuck you people, where were you when Iraqi children were being torn apart by mounted 50 cal. by the THOUSANDS?!  anyone who thinks guns should be banned, limited, or that any gun control should be enacted in anyway shape or form, , you are my fucking enemy and I pray I never see you in person, you are an Anti-American fucking piece of filth and should be taught to recite the 2nd amendment until you can say it from memory, you are the worst type of human allowed to exist, an apathetic, nanny-state loving, welfare tit sucking parasite, who loves to bend over, get fucked in the ass and spit shine the boots of the person doing it.

Quit being a parrot, buzzword using, knuckle dragging, suck ass bastard fuck, Guns = safe societies, Unarmed societies = Government staged school shootings.


-Count Scrappula

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's ok to tell someone their wrong.

Why is it not ok to tell someone what there doing is wrong? Last night on my street here in San Francisco some noble Christians decided to stand on the street and try to tell people what there doing was not ok, and were met with screaming idiots calling them that tired old buzz word of haters...what I can't seem to understand is how it's hate when there trying to save their lives. It's obvious they were doing the "hating" whining and bellyaching about how people shouldn't judge. That is the most retarded statement I have ever heard. Why is it hate when you tell some worthless ghetto slag not to sleep around? Why is it hate to tell a bunch of brain dead coked up strippers that what there doing is distroying there lives? Seems like reiterating common sence, yet it's NOT hate to scream at the top of their lungs at the Christians, calling them every single swear word in the English language. To me this is the most obvious proof that people who hate or disagree with God KNOW what there doing is wrong, it's like the person who gets caught lying and gets immediately defensive because they know what they did was wrong, but a person who would be telling the truth would be calm and collected because they know their conscious is clear....People who hate Christians are just cowards who know what their doing is wrong and dont want to hear the truth because it makes them responseable for their own actions. And boy, don't make people feel guilty for doing what they know is wrong... That makes you a "hater"

I'm so fucking sick and tired of people hating what's cool, good, moral and right, and supporting what sucks is evil twisted and turns the world I live in into a shithole.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Al’s In SF is what makes living in the city so awesome.

There is always the good with the bad, and this time, well…its time for some good, here in the best city in American, San Francisco, CA is a little tucked away deli, off-license, sandwich shop that has some of the best food around, and boy do I mean that!als1

Located on the corner of Broadway and Columbus, next to a den of whores and thieves, by that I mean the bar that turns strip club at night called the Condor, but during the day time this little shop is an awesome hang out.

It over looks the beginning of the North Beach district of the city where Jack Kerouac made some of his debuts and wrote some of his jargon, also across the street is the famous City Lights Booksellers and Publishers, a store famous for carrying local and underground books.


Big Al offers Wi-Fi, a quaint  semi-outdoor garden area to sit and enjoy your food and coffee or tea and the doods who work here are super friendly and have a very local feel to them.

They offer Hot links, soup, sandwiches, handmade salads and Kefta Tahini and about everything you could get from a little take away restaurant

Yours truly comes here quite often to enjoy the amazing food, hang out with some locals and pirate music and movies .

Its places like this that make living in the city so cool, so if your ever in San Francisco, go here and try the Kefta Tahini Panini and some of their egg salad it’s the best you will ever have.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Death of Freedom (aka and MEGAUPLOAD)

I, Scrappy Huntington, the author of this blog, sit here at a local wifi spot just feet from where Jack Kerouac, William S. Burros and Hunter S. Thompson sat at one point in North Beach, San Francisco,  writing about revolution, rebellion and freedom, about a weird and righteous  saga, all while a vagrant plays his saxophone in Mellon collie in the background…

It’s a sad day to have to report that major blows in the freedom of information is being dealt the whole world over..   The most important sites in the entire world wide web and being attacked and shut down, BTJunkie, Quicksilverscreen, MEGAUPLOAD, all no longer exist, for the past 4 years on this blog, on the SMUG radio podcast, in the GASSED digital zine I have been preaching about download every last possible thing you can before its too late… is still up, along with a few others, please, it is your right to download, do it now before you cant… I will post a more in depth story later next week, but this is a sad day for the freedom of information.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Long time no see

Man has it been a loooonnngg time lots of news and updates coming soon, I swear!