Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amy Whorehouse is dead, HIp hIp HORRAAYYY!

Oh some of you may bitch and whine and snivel about how this is hate, but you also can’t tell the difference between reality and what is totally fake.  Any person who calls the hardcore truth hate is a fucking retarded fluoride head who should be drug out in the streets and shot...

A few days ago a Jewish (of course) singer named Amy Whorehouse OD'ed on drugs, and the whole fucking world stops, I picked up a Newspaper today to see a 5 page spread about this stupid bitch whore who cackles into a microphone and people somehow refer to this as music, the paper was droning on about how she was a wonderful person so full of life and spirit and how the world will grieve for her for a long time to come, and the same retarded propaganda shit spews from the web and TV "oh how tragic..." NO FUCK THAT, so many IMPORTANT things need to be covered, where is the MOTHER FUCKING 5 PAGE SPEAD FOR THE BUILDERBURG GROUP, THE BOHEMIAN GROVE?? THE DESIGN OF THE FALL OF THE US DOLLAR, THE FUCKING ENTIRE COUNTRIES THAT ARE COLLAPSING BECAUSE OF SCUM BAG JEW BANKERS FUCKING RAPING PEOPLE ENTIRE ECONOMEIES  WITH FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING?? OR HOW ABOUT THAT DUDE THAT FUCKING RUPERT MURDOCK HAD MURDERED LAST WEEK, NooooOOoO no one gives a fuck about REAL fucking issues that affect our everyday life, no instead I am FORCED to hear about some nasty drug addict skank that some fucking Jewish producers named Salaam (no that is really is name) forced down the public’s throats, pushing and pimping her shit songs about how she didn’t want to go to rehab, I’m partly ashamed because I even know what ONE of her songs is about, I wish I didn’t, I fucking wish I lived in the real world where people cared about politics and what really fucking matters, shit that affects how much FOOD we fucking have, or where we can LIVE, if were even able to use our RIGHT to drive a car, I mean FUCK how pathetic are you people who support this whore or even feel a tiny bit of remorse or sorrow for people like this, she was KNOWN for using drugs and now your sad because she died from drugs? How fucking stupid are you? It’s not tragic, its fucking life, you party and try to "go out" and be a disgusting whore who brainwashes little 12 year old girls singing with their hairbrush in the mirror to think that living that life style is hip and glamorous or trendy, GOOD she wound up dead, maybe some poor little kid who idolized her will fucking wake up and realize that if your an immoral druggie whore who is less than a person, the only thing you will get out if it is death.

Now I’m sure some of you mentally ill coward fucks will be thinking, like OMG, TTYL FML, you like need like, anger management, or something, because, like I heard on like MTV, that like people who speak the truth are just like ignorant or something and like anyone who is not afraid to speak like the truth or something is a hater. ...well ..Fuck You.
If you agree and you’re sick to death of shit music and hearing about fucking unimportant Malthusian whores and what goes on in their daily lives, then right the fuck on, you’re on a weird and righteous saga and you’re a good person who has their head on straight, and you, for thinking this way are miles ahead of the rest of the drooling sheep that call themselves people.

Fuck Amy Whorehouse, fuck pop music, get your fucking glued face away from brainwashing and go read about something real.
Check out Truth Hertz Radio.
-Count Scrappula.