Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rap, the worst plague to ever hit mankind.

One thing in this world that i hate, and i mean hate, is rap.  I wont even dare to call this sickness music because nothing could ever be further from the truth.  Music these days is not getting better or more complex, talent is not getting better and better or more improved, no, its getting dumber and dumber with each new artist that pops up.  Literally every week there is some new worthless crack smoking homo that come out with a “song” that talks about some chick shaking her shit hole and in some retard’s mind that somehow correlates with having lots of money. They don't put any time or thought into there names, they seem to enjoy coming up with the stupidest fucking name possible. Seriously, T-pain, Snoop dog, Q-tip, little Wayne, i mean what the fuck ? who in there fluoridated mind could possible think that is cool or hip or interesting in anyway shape or form, you seriously ate so much toothpaste when you were a little crack head that you thought calling yourself Q-tip was clever?? I mean, you clean the shit out of your ears with those ! Snoop dog, hmm, oh you mean that little dog from the peanuts comic, snoopy ? or is it you were just so fucking stupid that you couldn't even read the name correctly, “duuh.. sooopy the dog, ill b just call mah selv dat an no 1 be smart enuff to b know dat i call like dog from comic, jeah i b snoop dog” and you have these fucking retards making up there own baby-talk language that makes no goddamn sense at ALL, its not eloquent or poetic or even slightly creative.. that bullshit just sounds like fucking African tribal gobbleydee gook. god, i cant imagine where you come up with these original names next you’ll have some stupid rap fag calling him self Butt wipe and all the 11 year old girls will think its cool.

What do you mean, you don’t want to leave your 11 year old daughter alone with this guy? why are you a hater?


And that brings me on to my next point, how, how, how in the fucking hell do you ever get so brainwashed that you think some asshole’s cool that is an UGLY, nappy, retard that brags about selling crack and getting tons of fat girls knocked up while stealing other Sickle-cell having drug dealing prison bait’s stuff and then selling back to the next worthless scum??????  Imagine this, taking a 12 year old girl to the most ghetto disgusting part of town that you can find, then go walking down the most shitty alley you can find, or out in front of a liqueur store, walk up to a nasty crack head bum half passed out with a 40 of piss water beer in his hand and some of it dribbled down his 2pac shirt and some old cheetos stuck in his beard, and tell that little girl, “this guy is cool, you should listen to everything he has to say and take it to heart, in fact this is the most popular guy in the world and the more you imitate him the cooler and more accepted your going to be in life ! in fact, these people are so trustworthy I'm just going to leave you here and he can do what ever he likes with you because i don't want to be labeled as un-cool or a hater, oh god no, that would be like saying that i have morals, and you know sweetie, how disgusting people with morals are.”  Now what the fuck do you think that little girl would say… well ? I suppose there are some sick in the heart people out there who would actually agree and say that you shouldn't judge because they have been so demoralized that they might actually not see anything wrong with being a homeless drug addict laying in the parking lot. But i know that anyone that still has a soul would be scared, that little girl would be repulsed and disgusted at the sight of someone like that, it should at the least, make her sick, she would be scared and if left there would absolutely run the fucking other way…BUT you put this same waste of life on MTV and he is a god.  Little Wayne is the most ugly, sick, disgusting, pathetic looking piece of prison dumpster diving trash i have ever seen, there is a guy that would dig through our dumpsters in the alley of my work, who we nicknamed Trashy McGee, who looked EXACTLY like him, down to the tattoos on his eyelids. Now (and i did this often) if I would introduce Trashy to a stupid little yuppie girl she would be absolutely repulsed and disgusted asking me what the hell was i thinking making that guy come over here and talk to us ?? and i would point out the fact that he looked exactly like little Wayne, of course they would be appalled that i would have even attempted to do such a thing, but the fact of this little social experiment proves my point.  That, in reality with out the power of suggestion, people are disgusted at the thought of some crack head alchy even getting close to them let alone talk to them, BUT, if the SAME EXACT look and style is on someone who is popular, oh then its different, he's cool and sexy, i mean, how the fuck does some 15 year old girl get brainwashed into thinking some guy is sexy when he literally looks like he just got out of jail and is digging in a trashcan for a rotten cheeseburger and the prospect of 12.50 worth of aluminum cans. I hate how stupid people are to actually get brainwashed so badly that they cannot even tell what is right or wrong or if up is down, they have been so beaten with the crowbar of acceptance that its turned into the bloody stump of the  normal barrier of being able to differentiate between good and bad. On TV, in music, in magazines, your flogged at every angle that rap is cool, that your a hater if you dislike it, if you disagree with the look, the attitude, then you need anger management, that you are not cool, your old, your a square, every derogatory term they can use in the English language to make it seem that if you don't love and accept rap, ghettoness, being completely lust stricken over trinkets and bobbles, that you are a hateful person who just doesn't get it, people with morals aren't cool. Jay-z said so.

OOO look at all the shiny stuff, its shiny and it sparkles, ooo he has a necklace that is shiny, oo he’s got fake teeth that have sparkly things in them..oooo he must be smart to have all those things that go sparkle, ooo….. you fucking drooling retarded idiot, i cant even find the words to describe how pathetic and sick it is to be so fascinated with jewelry, if you think diamonds are worth anything at all then you are a fucking retard and you know absolutely nothing about the DeBeers or Gemology or the fact that the ONLY difference between a real diamond and a man made one is that diamonds are just pieces of flawed carbon and Cubic Zirconium are prefect, and actually reflect three more times the light spectrum, but once again, only someone who is a kool-aid swilling caveman would brag about how much he got ripped off by some Jews for a piece of metal with worthless chucks of common rocks stuck in it.

Now we come down to the last part, witch to me is the worst, now how do you actually like “music” made by someone who is a disgusting looser, that you had to be beaten into submission to think he’s cool in the first place?  What is rap, its a series of beep’s, click’s and wails repeated over and over and over with no musical composition or even a slight bit of talent that it may of took to learn to play an instrument, every rap song is the same shit, use the same words, the same vocabulary, the same beeps and my first sony keyboard sounds, they all have the same subject they talk about, I sold crack so i could eat canned tuna cause i refused to work at anything for a living, sluts, who literally should be shot, shaking there drunk fat shit slits on random guys while their boyfriends at home with there 3 year old,  I once I had to endure watching this rap video where this faggot was holding a guitar, there was no guitar in the song, he never even acted like he was trying to play it, he just waved his arms around like a drunk T-Rex with downs syndrome with a guitar round his neck spewing trash about how he was rich and famous and all the girls wanted to give him money…(1 i never heard of him 2 if he had all that cash why did he need it from women?)  Some people are stupid enough to try to argue that rap is poetry or a form of spoken word, or that it takes real talent to rhyme words together.  OK..

Jay-z “im the real hove you see, i was sellin snowflakes by the OZ” oh cool you were selling crack…  Eminem “You don't get it do you, ill take my Uzi and shoot through your Isuzu” oh, and when did you do that? and why are you stupid enough to brag about committing murder, not a very smart criminal are you? Missy Elliot “put that pussy up and show dem what it do, get get get that cash, even if you gotta sell sell sell that ass” Oh prostitution, yeah there's nothing wrong with that, all the cool girls who go on to become washed up old whores drinking a fifth of vodka every day and complaining about how they used to be hot are prostitutes..

Really? poets? I've heard toilet jokes that are more sophisticated. SO if you can tell me, what about rap is cool. Why do you “just like it” ask yourself that why, what about these things described above make it good to listen to, what qualities does it have?  i fucking dare you to tell me, if you can possibly, and actually disagree i fucking dare you to email me at Silentmajority@mindless.com and tell me what could possibly be good or cool about rap “music” or the rap scene.


Never be afraid to say what is right or stand up for the truth.


Friday, August 6, 2010

College is for retards.

This is one of my favorite things to talk about because it offends so many people, and I am never scared to say the truth and tell it like it is no matter how many people get upset, i mean, if you ever listened to one of my bands songs (www.myspace.com/smrocks) you would know that offensive is my “business” and the latest episode of my radio show “Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast #123 College if for retards!” @ www.thesilentmajority.podomatic.com you can learn how this is one of the biggest Jewish scams in the history of the world. Unfortunately we as a society are brainwashed in this day and age to believe that a college degree is some sort of ticket to getting a good job. This is and always will be a total fucking lie. Now i know some of you asshole pieces of shit out there will be like, oh, your just mad because you don't have one or your not smart enough to get into a college, and to my dismay i have to admit that i was stupid enough to go to college and earn, and i cough when i say earn, a bachelors degree in advertising and design, that, even though i aced through, i never got an advertising job, ever, in fact i spent the last 11 years doing body piercings and playing guitar in a punk rock band.. So yes I do have a shit degree and know first hand what a scam it is.

SO lets look at just a few reasons why.

  1. Colleges are scam artists, unless your going to Yale or Brown for nuclear science and physics, colleges always try to recruit the people who are in the bottom 40 percent of your class, why? because they know that after they have paid their 40,000 dollar scam fee to go to your establishment of Re-education they cannot find a job, or a job that will hire out of college because every place wants at least 2 years experience, or you learn that they require a higher degree such as a masters, so back you go to the loan shark to try to get yourself that “better job”. Rack up another 40 grand for the school and 0 for you…they know how hard it is to find a job yet promise you that lie of a degree gets you a million dollar job and you can drive a nice car and have a good place to live if you just attend our school.
  2. Instead of just being able to go to school for free, as it should be, (hello Switzerland!) you have to go get a school loan, usually something that you can either never pay off, or will be spending the rest of your life trying to pay off, and these are NOT under chapter 11, meaning that if you file under being bankrupt, you still have the pay for the school's loan sharking.  IF and when you do get a job, they are illegally allowed to garnish your wages, meaning that they just take money out of your paycheck for the loan at what ever amount they feel like, so even if you do get some money, finally, there just going to take it, leaving you with the same amount as if you got a job at McDonalds.
  3. College is a set up to re-educate people to how the Jewish controlled educations system sees fit, by telling you there are no right or wrong answers, all people are acceptable, epically the morally corrupt and the perverts who like little boys, (they deserve the right to marry you know)…telling you Outcome Based Education is normal and that you have to take mandatory classes that deal with NOTHING you are trying to go to school FOR, like at MJC college in Modesto, CA where they have death education, teaching you how, literally, and this is from there class description brochure, “death is not to be feared and can be a wonderful thing, we examine the different religions of  the world and how they deal with death and its acceptance.”

I mean, i could write a book, or maybe i should, about how college is a fucking scam so i want you to do some researching, listen to my show, read some books on it, learn how in history most great inventors and scientists never went to college, i mean what university did Ben Franklin go to?? oh.. yea.. he didn’t nor did Tesla, or Edison, or Bell……