Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast (S.M.U.G.)#122 Long live the Vandals !,,, facebook search “Scrapp Majority”  To listen to this episode scroll down to the flash player near the bottom of the page,  or go to

The Vandals have been for a long time one of my favorite bands, and for me that is hard to spit out mainly because of all the absolute troth feeding bands that are out there ruining the name of punk, today punk is one of two things ;

  1. Stupid fucking pouser kids who listen to left over crack and choking victim, dress like a fucking clown, preaching the contradictory and worthless message of anarcho-anything.
  2. MTV watching fluoride headed kids who still dress like a fucking clown but listen to rap and punk at the same time.

Now if anyone of you is guilty of this, fuck you. Honestly that is like saying I'm a Christian but i support the church of Satan too!

So.. this is why it is so important to me to get anyone out there to support The Vandals, buy some of there shirts and CD’s go to some shows and make viral this video, watch the video above, it will tell you better of what is going on then what i can type to you. In this latest episode of my show i do a skit bashing the Variety and the stupid Jew lawyer who makes up lies to extort money out of this awesome band, in fact if you would like to call him up and tell him where he can dig for some gold you can find the number for his ambulance chasing firm, and him HERE and take a nasty diarrhea shit in a bag and send it to him with a letter written in crayon that says, “For your collection” fuck you James Paul Williamson, he is a pathetic liar who fucks little boys and chickens. 

Long live The Vandals and the freedom of creativity, the freedom of speech and the Constitution, burn to the ground anyplace who sues people for a living.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here comes the censors.., facebook search scrapp majority

YouTube illegally decided to delete a lot of copies of the documentary “The Obama Deception” so i am going to post it right here for you to watch

The image in my head keeps repeating of a black women crying with joy over “I aint gotta worrie bout my mor-gage” at his inauguration into the Whitehouse,(ill bet she is still screaming and crying now that her house has been foreclosed) people screaming and crying and hopping around like Yeshua Yhamashia himself was walking past them, people frothing over the first black president, TIME and people magazine over and over put his ugly face on the cover, a commission awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing… and look at what is going on in the United States Of America right now.

  • Obama spent more money than all other president in history..combined!
  • Keeps trying to pass a bill to completely censor the internet forcing any website to get permission to post ANYTHING from the government. (first amendment)
  • Elected Sonya Sotomayor as a supreme court justice,  a racist Mexican La-Rasa member who says white people are scum and in her book, that the second amendment was only for the military. 
  • The US economy has went from really bad to absolute depression.
  • Never investigated the TARP bill or where the 9 trillion missing tax payer dollars went. (because he fucking knew)
  • His real fucking name is Barry Sataro NOT Barak Obama, who is NOT an American citizen
  • Rahm Emmanuel.. do i have to say anything else, a fucking ISREALIE SPY that obama hired as a chief of staff  

There are no jobs, no benefits for citizens, people who were millionaires all the way down to 711 workers are starving and homeless, cops are now refusing to respond to burglary  calls and shootings while taking there time to beat the shit out of protestors with the drooling excuse there just following orders, Obama is just a puppet for the banking mob who are looting every country they can get there hands around, Barry Sataro takes it in the ass and gets his commanding orders from the Jewish Rothschild family to completely force the world into a depression, he is doing NOTHING to help you, and even though i am now living in England, this effects me directly, when Americans loose there freedom of speech, the for cretin the  rest of the world is doomed.  I am an American, but fuck America for loving immorality, fuck them for being happy to be stupid, fuck them for loving rap and Lindsey Lohan, fucking rot in hell and die to the people who loved Obama and to anyone who thinks that there is such a thing as a lesser of two evils, you filth who are destroying life with your love of everything that is fucking trendy. I hate you almost as much as Lady GagGag. I support the truth, its in my music that i put out for free, its in my writings, my art, my soul, i love the light and what is good but im not scared to get fucking mad, i am NOT scared to tell people that there wrong or cowards when they whine about religion, i support morals and God, and to motherfucking hell with anyone of you who disagree.

Fuck Obama, Fuck the Jewish banking families or anyone who refuses to believe the truth.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Secret of Mana saves me from the world.

As you know the world is falling apart at the seams, every single day i see a video or a new story of something that is so blatant an sick, i mean for example i saw a YouTube video of a women trying to ask, at her local town hall meeting, a fucking CONGRESSMAN why the USA is backing Israel, this man, Brad Sherman who was not only wearing a skull cap call a Kippah, worn only by orthodox Jews, but was in attendance of many other Jews just shouted and drowned out her question and said he will not tolerate what she was asking, now god fucking damnit, those assholes are supposed to represent us, there only in that position to take our views into voting on bills and any congressman, epically Brad Sherman, should be immediately recalled and stripped of any and all benefits, If your a Christian, witch i might ad is 81 percent of the United States religious beliefs,  people whine and bellyache and scream and itch about separation of church and state, witch really just meant the separation of the church of England, but if your a child fucking jew (Kethuboth 11b of the Jewish holy book, the Talmud states that having sex with a girl over the age of 3 years, oh and one day old, by a grown man is “like poking the eye with a finger, tears come again and again and so does virginity” yes i actually says that feel free to look it up. oh and this one is good “A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation; if a levir cohabited with her, he has thereby acquired her;9   one incurs through her the guilt of intercourse with a married woman; she10  defiles her cohabitor” Yebamoth 57b saying as long as shes over 3 years) well then you cannot be touched and anyone who says that Israel is wrong or evil is labeled as an Anti-Semite.

So with shit like this you really need a escape, for me its certain video games, games that still hold on to morality and  standing for what is right and good and to never give up on your friends.  Although today, these videogames barley exist, and when one does slip through, its labeled as boring or the same ol’ and a bunch of asshole nerds that somehow got jobs in gaming magazines pick it apart with , '”oh the camera angle is off and the game play is  not new”  however when a fucking piece of shit game comes out like def jam, a fighting game with a bunch of crackhead rappers, oh its so new and cool and inventive….

so i have taken it upon myself to give you some of my sanity’s salvation, the games the i play over and over that make me not go on killing sprees and remind me that setting an example of always doing the right thing no matter what are

SECRET OF MANA and SEIKEN DENSETSU 3 (secret of mana 2 )

To play these games on your PC is very easy, these games came out on the Super Nintendo, so first you will need a program called ZSNES to “emulate” the system allowing you to play the “roms” or game files. so first download ZSNES and unzip the file.

ZSNES PROGRAM (click the green download button at the top of the screen)

next you will need the games

Secret Of Mana (scroll to the bottom of the page and click the gold download button, you will have to wait 20 seconds for the button to appear)

Secret of Mana 2 (seiken densetsu 3 as its called in Japan) dont worry its in english.

Now open zsnes and go to town, if you need help on how to use it just look it up on YouTube, but its pretty self explanatory….now enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

YOU pay for food to be Kosher !

You can hear about this on S.M.U.G. # 121 my podcast @ Silent Majoritys Underground Gamecast or by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and listening on the flash player.

Yes that’s right, ever see that little U inside of a circle or perhaps a K on your box of breakfast cereal and wonder what that is? well my friends, that is the Jewish community ripping you off. Basically an organization calls up your food manufacturer and tells them unless you certify your food as kosher you will face a boycott of your products by all Jews, and we will not let you advertise on our TV networks and we will call your company anti-Semitic, now, we can help you with this certifying process, you simply fill out this contract and we send a Rabbi over to bless the box of trisicuts and you pay us X amount of money for our time, and then, of course, booby, so you don't loose money, you just pass the cost on to your customer. So in turn the cost of YOUR food is raised so that a racist religious sect can make sure that your chocolate syrup has been slaughtered according to the torah, or that your bottle of Arrowhead water has been blessed by a rabbi.  Now if you were any other religious sect saying that the general population must pay for a priest to come and inspect your food, lets say a Muslim, wouldn't you be upset if the cost of your bread was $2.59 instead of $1.25 all because a Hindu priest had to make sure kahli-ma had not possessed your wheat ? this is literally how stupid it is and exactly what is happening, the cost of your food is drastically raised because a leader of a religion must come in to the food manufacturer and make sure that he is following the 100’s of ancient laws of the Talmud and Torah. To me this is fucking bullshit, the cost of food in the USA is already so fucking outrageous that people should literally be looting the supermarkets until they lower the cost of food back down to normal. Just think about this little fact every time you go grocery shopping and you wonder why a box of triscuts are fucking 4 bux !

IF you would like to see a list of all the Kosher Logos and a list of the scam artists that provide this tax charge to you so that they can eat better knowing that the blood of the cow drained at a certain angel  CLICK HERE 

The worst part is how much fucking money they make from this scam, because its all over the world, all countries have this, and after the rabbi have taken there cut, the money is sent “Home” to Israel, the horrible country that murders innocent Palestinians and bulldozes their homes, or tents for that matter, with little kids inside of them and gun them down as they run out, or the spying on other countries and selling there secrets to communist China,  there is not room in this blog for how deep the evil goes when it comes to Israel or their evil pig racist religion, in fact, in the link above is about 10 phone numbers for a rabbi, call them up and ask them how the Jews feel about the Goyim, ask them what it is , and then read what their holy books, the Talmud and the Kabala says about how to murder them and show no mercy.  In case they wont tell you, in general, any one who is not of Jewish decent is a heathen and must be cleansed.

I hate how if a Christian would do this the world would be in an uproar, i mean fuck, you cant even say the word God in a PUBLIC school with out some harry leg having she-he throw a tantrum and say there shoving religion down their child's throat, but if you dare say anything against people of Jewish faith your some type of sick racist monster, a classic ploy of double think, up is down, black is white, all religions that praise Lucifer are cool, anything that is  moral is oppressive.  Long live tyranny in the hearts of man, because freedom is Anti-Semitic.

Long live the ability and embedded right to the freedom of thought and speech.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

AIDS the man made and mass produced bio weapon.

In the last episode of S.M.U.G. # 120 (Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast) I talked about how HIV was created in a lab for The United States Special Virus Program (1962-1978)
by a wonderful asslicker named Dr. Robert Gallogallojew
probably related to the Gallo family of Modesto CA, where they make such fine wines as Night Train and Boons Farm, this evil jerkoff not only was the “discoverer” of the HIV virus but was the man in charge of making a new “contagious cancer” for the US state department. 
Now we get on to his “patent” that is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, that literally is a procedure for mass producing HIV Click here for patent.
Not only is there the question of this history but the evidence of 14 of these progress reports that were put out by this special virus division that undeniably points to a bio weapon that could be attached more easily to a specific race that depleted the immune system. Check out Dr. Boyd’s WEBSITE with tons of links and downloadable proof you can see for your self.
Then there is the CURE, yes the CURE for AIDS as a product called tetrasil or Tetrasilver Tetroxide that has been registered in the patent office since 1996 CLICK THIS FOR THE CURE FOR AIDS, so why hasn't the FDA been shipping this out by the bucket load, why don't we see this all over the news?? well as i say about modern medicine, a cured patient is a lost costumer.. I mean think about
this a device that kills AIDS virus that has been around for 14 fucking years and not a peep on the news, dont you think that should be front page? but NOoOOo we have sick banker run news liars like McClatchy Corp. that print headlines like, “When is a taco truck a restaurant”
On a happier note, this episode I talk about the new Nintendo 3Ds
yup its a new DS system that has a 3d screen that does NOT require you to ware those stupid glasses. Listen to the show to hear more about it or do your own homework.
I also talk a little bit about Silent Hill : Shattered Memories, its a cool game that plays more like an interactive movie than survival horror, great graphics, cool story but a little on the lame side because you don’t ever actually fight anything..
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