Thursday, November 21, 2013

Old gun control debate..


This world is getting harder and harder to live in... where acting normal is mentally ill, and being a limp, coward is considered normal and good.

in this sick day and age

One great example is this so called gun debate, no matter how many facts you produce, no matter where the source is from, either 3d party or be it from the fucking federal government, no matter how you show it to people, that places with more gun owners are safer, mainstream morons just goo up and deny. Over and over and over I have gotten into arguments with these fucking unamerican shit eaters, and when you say hey look here are the FBI crime stats, look, they just turn their head like a spoiled little brat child trying to be fed brocli, "no, you full of hate" is always the reply from people, just refusing to look at the proof.

I find this happing in almost every subject i talk about, ill provide facts, and honest, moral, anglo opinion and every reply will just be, "thats hate!" its just the same shit i talk about so much, its these pre programmed replies, no thought behind the dough eyes of people who act this way, just an auto reply of "HATE!" above i posted a video of the best example, Alex Jones, a true family loving patirot, fucking furious that some weak minded human filth from england is coming over here and on national TV saying our freedoms need to be taken away, instead of being a weak little fuck and sitting there and letting the host make retarded comments just written to make someone seem less important, he fucking got up there like a man and told it like it was, tried showing queers morgan the facts, the statastics the proof! and what did piers do? bitched like a nudered coward little whimp women.

what did the people do? cheer him on? say FUCK YES thats telling that new world order little troll! nope, bitched and whined and moaned about how he should have been civil, next time a buch of ghetto fucks gang rape your girlfriend and get her knocked up, you should tell her she should be civil and not fighting back was the right thing to do.

Fuck anyone who thinks its wrong to get fucking irate when our lives and freedom is in danger, i hope you die of HIV. Seriously, i hope you suffer the entire time, just like all the patirots who gave THEIR lives in 1775 .



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