Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's ok to tell someone their wrong.

Why is it not ok to tell someone what there doing is wrong? Last night on my street here in San Francisco some noble Christians decided to stand on the street and try to tell people what there doing was not ok, and were met with screaming idiots calling them that tired old buzz word of haters...what I can't seem to understand is how it's hate when there trying to save their lives. It's obvious they were doing the "hating" whining and bellyaching about how people shouldn't judge. That is the most retarded statement I have ever heard. Why is it hate when you tell some worthless ghetto slag not to sleep around? Why is it hate to tell a bunch of brain dead coked up strippers that what there doing is distroying there lives? Seems like reiterating common sence, yet it's NOT hate to scream at the top of their lungs at the Christians, calling them every single swear word in the English language. To me this is the most obvious proof that people who hate or disagree with God KNOW what there doing is wrong, it's like the person who gets caught lying and gets immediately defensive because they know what they did was wrong, but a person who would be telling the truth would be calm and collected because they know their conscious is clear....People who hate Christians are just cowards who know what their doing is wrong and dont want to hear the truth because it makes them responseable for their own actions. And boy, don't make people feel guilty for doing what they know is wrong... That makes you a "hater"

I'm so fucking sick and tired of people hating what's cool, good, moral and right, and supporting what sucks is evil twisted and turns the world I live in into a shithole.


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