Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Death of Freedom (aka and MEGAUPLOAD)

I, Scrappy Huntington, the author of this blog, sit here at a local wifi spot just feet from where Jack Kerouac, William S. Burros and Hunter S. Thompson sat at one point in North Beach, San Francisco,  writing about revolution, rebellion and freedom, about a weird and righteous  saga, all while a vagrant plays his saxophone in Mellon collie in the background…

It’s a sad day to have to report that major blows in the freedom of information is being dealt the whole world over..   The most important sites in the entire world wide web and being attacked and shut down, BTJunkie, Quicksilverscreen, MEGAUPLOAD, all no longer exist, for the past 4 years on this blog, on the SMUG radio podcast, in the GASSED digital zine I have been preaching about download every last possible thing you can before its too late… is still up, along with a few others, please, it is your right to download, do it now before you cant… I will post a more in depth story later next week, but this is a sad day for the freedom of information.

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