Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Death Of America…

Well, my fellow Americans, history has been made just a few days ago, our treasonous government passed a new “Debit Bill” that says Obama and 6 of his banker scum asshole, Rothschild agents, now get to forcibly pass laws without any vote from congress, to veto any law or bill that they do not like and eliminates the power of the speaker of the house to veto unpopular bills like the Anti-TSA groping bill, a new law that would NOT allow the Transportation Security Administration employees to feel up your crotch and titts nor allow them to touch your 6 year old boys nuts, it would have also not allowed the deadly naked body scanning that saves pictures of your McGuillity Jones for the other, drooling retarded monkeys they hire to work as TSA goons.

Just a good ol’ TSA working molesting children, no big deal.

Nope, that bill sure will never ever pass NOW, think about what this means, your “elected” congressman from your local town will have NO vote in making laws, also this new bill takes away the “Power of the Purse” from congress, what does that mean you say? Well, before this debit bill congress was SUPPOSTED to approve any new taxations, printing of money, coining, anything financial, now, a board of 6 bankers will decide the entire fate of YOUR money…

This new debit bill is officially called SOCIALISM, where APPOINTED not ELECTED people make decisions based on the sick idea they know what’s good for us. This is fucking blatant treason.

While you were watching GLEE and Reality TV, being a zombie, a few sleazy pedophiles who ALSO work for a bank, changed the very way your entire GOVERNMENT WORKS, we either wake up now, get insanely angry, stop using banks entirely, refuse to pay income tax until they show us the law that says we have to, or we are going to be living in communist America, we need to read about real history and get right with the constitution, learn it, by heart, go to every city council meeting fucking protest this shit anyway you can because now it’s too late to go back, we can’t, we have to fucking dig in and put up our armor and swords and fight for what is barley left of our great republic. STOP watching TV, NEVER get direct deposit, ONLY use cash, NEVER take a vaccine, drink diet soda or any fake sweetener, resist their Eugenics, resist their bank bullshit, get smart about your rights, and lets FUCKING TAKE AMERICA BACK IN THE NAME OF THOMAS JEFFERSON! He was a fucking cool righous mother fucker, Idolize him, not some fucking nasty fake whore on some shit TV show.


From an Anti-Semitic, homophobic, family loving, new world order hating, thought criminal.

-Count Scrappula.

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