Monday, March 28, 2011

New Silent Majority news and why I fully support Ben Weasel.

OK so, just a little update, i know i said there would be new music for The Silent Majority on march 17th but i decided to change the album cover and title, why? well because for along time Screeching Weasel has been one of my favorite bands ever. They recently played a show in Austin TX and during this set some fat nasty dyke called BIG BIRD was throwing shit, beer, ice and spitting on Ben Weasel, the front-man for this punk rock legend band. So ben punched that fucking fat cow right in the head. What any body should do in that situation. BUT NOOOOooOo, sense punk rock is completely dead, every one via the Internet has being having a little politically correct heart attack, oh she was a women wah wah wah, "thats unacceptable" boo hoo. This is off the fucking wall, as in, not even i can believe this shit. 1. Its a mother fucking punk rock show, GG Allin used to RAPE women on stage and beat one girl into a coma and people dont give a fuck about that! 2.Fat mike from NOFX punched some girl while playing a show in Israel and no one fucking complained about that! as a result of all of these pouser fucking faggots crying in their beer about someone sticking up for themselves, bands dropped off of what was being called weasel fest, the others in screeching weasel quit because they stated they were "embarrassed" witch to me is some fucking stupid pussy bullshit, who the fuck quits one of the biggest names in punk rock over a FIGHT?? This is what happens when you, as a population take depression medication, drink fluoride in your water, and take mind altering pharmaceuticals when you have a fucking cough. So im changing the album cover art and title to support ben weasel because i think he was fucking in the right and im so sick of little tight pants, makeup wearing pouser filth infecting the spirt and movment of what used to be punk. People whine and bitch and cry about the stupidist shit EVER. ANYTHING thats cool people hate and anything thats fucking gay, lame, stupid, made in china, sounds like shit or is shit, people love, and I for one am fucking sick to death of people supporting shit and hateing whats cool. SO if you love screeching weasel, FUCK YES! if you dislike screeching weasel well FUCK YOU. This is single handedly the stupidest fucking thing that has ever happend in music. Someone is brave enough to stand up to some nasty little dyke being a drunk attention whore, and no one blames her, they just blame the guy who got spit on?? what the fuck, think about that, if some nasty fat dyke threw her beer at your and spit in your face what would YOU do? and dont tell me you would just fucking stand there, unless your catitonic, your fucking full of shit.

In other TSM news, the radio show will go back on the air after the 1st week of april.
The CD has been pushed back untill the end of april to redesign the cover and artwork and album title.

If you dont know already, our facebook is up. just search the silent majority, you can follow us on twitter @ I remember when punk rock was about something, now its just how tight little faggots can get their pants to look and how much makeup they can ware to look like a gay bar loiter, the girls are the fucking worst, punk rock girls used to be so fucking hot and cool and fun, now they are a product of prolonged used of birth control, and what happens when you parents are so fucking selfish and pathetic that they get divorces, fuck people that are their childrens age, have affairs, become drug addicts and turn their offspring into absolutely off their fucking titts insane attention whores who just use punk rock as a fashion show. It makes me fucking sick.
Sometimes i feel as if there is nothing left on this earth that hasn't been infected or corrupted by shit, sick pedophile-pro homosexual hippie liberal mindfucking parasites who ruin everything they touch.

Even in video games. I was tweeting about how I started playing this fucking bad ass game on Nintendo DSi XL called Okamiden and in looking for other articles or posts about it the first one was a website called a all homosexual gaming website, " for confused boys who like boys who like joysitkcs" i almost fucking punched the computer screen. They had twisted pictures of what gaming charceter was the most homosexual, and in every review that i saw was some fucking homo comment about how the game had gay undertones or "oh hes gay for sure" what the FUCK is wrong with this world. How sick is that, its blaintly advertising to KIDS!! "for confused boys??" what the FUCK...

Cant enjoy a fucking thing anymore. Not video games, not music. Its time to take our lives back.

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