Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Videogame stores rob you blind, then tell you your evil because you downloaded a game.


If you have an iEDGE card or a R4 card or any other super card for your Nintendo DS, here is direct download links for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (rom) and the PDF file of the Official Prima Guide to the game !!!


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for Nintendo DS (works with iEDGE v2.1 and R4i) one of the best RPG’s ever made !!


Download Link for the Official Prima  Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Strategy Guide in .PDF format.



On our last episode of my radio show, Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast (S.M.U.G.) I had an email from some stupid little fucker about how downloading roms was illegal and hurt the game development process. This is such a common excuse that so many people whine and bitch about and so many little fucking stupid kids who read some propaganda posted by the game RETAIL stores, such as Gaymestop or EB, that it is unreal and 5 mins on Yahoo! and you could find out that this is total bullshit too.

1. Developers and the publishing companies that make video games get paid before YOU even pick up the box.  If you are completely fucking retarded then you don’t know that when you buy things in bulk, they become a hell of a lot cheaper. This applies to video games also.

--For example http://www.trademic.com/wholesale-nintendo/c631.html you can buy 100 copies of New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS for   $1.16 a piece.. go look for yourself! now go look at a video game reseller and you'll find that a new copy still goes for $29.99….fucking think about that, I mean if they sold this game to you for $2.99 they would be making over a 100 percent profit. Can you imagine going to a game store and buying a game for three bux??  I mean fuck, even if they sold the game for 8.99 that’s still almost a 1000% profit…..I mean, sometimes you can find a beat up copy with no box in the used section for that.. not brand new… yet people are so fucking stupid that they accept a game store charging them 3000 times what the value of what they are buying is worth. On top of that, even when you show the idiot people, who claim downloading hurts game makers, how much your being ripped off, they actually try to defend the store with some propaganda bullshit they read from a magazine,that is paid to say this shit by the game stores, about how game makers are worried about the “loss of money” from downloading. That is fucking bullshit, what they really mean is the loss of our 15.5 million dollar profit we saw last year from people spending their last little bit of money just to get some joy and happiness for a few hours in their overworked lives.  Last year Gaymestop claimed a 15.5 million dollar profit…and they were fucking complaining because they were projected to make 25.7 million….. but because of downloading now their CEO cant buy coke and underage hookers until he passes out in his hotel bathroom..Do you think GameStop was like, oh well since we made 15 million, well were going to give our workers a raise! ..fuck no, did they say, well were going to give our workers more hours.. fuck no they cut everyone's shit so they make more off selling weed than having a real job, do they look at their customers who are struggling to find work in America because we have an illegal Jew-ass kisser president who is making the US economy absolutely shit, and say, well were going to slash prices so everyone can afford games!…..fuck no. Instead they make 15 million in profit and pay their employees shit and call you a criminal because you downloaded a file that someone was nice enough to share with you…. And im the mother fucking criminal for downloading a game?... GO FUCK YOURSELF you coward, greedy fucking faggot piece of shit. How fucking pathetic is this world that we live in where a store can rob us blind and then the general public say, oh well we like being ripped off.  Its not about providing a service at this point, its not supply and demand or about a business who loves video games, no, it’s a mother fucking dollar sign and lets see how much we can milk these kids, their parents and a whole generation of gamers for every last cent we can squeeze out of them.  Instead of being a stupid fucking jew lover and accepting getting ripped off, call PlayStation and Nintendo and especially Microsoft and tell them that we are sick of getting ripped off by the people that sell their products, call every game store  and tell them that you will continue to download and pirate games and share them with every last single person around until they start charging fair prices for what they sell, another example is accessories, a Pelican brand case for your PSP costs about .71 cents when you buy 50 of them, and the retail price is 19.99…. are you fucking kidding me?? sell it for 5.99 and sell a ton of them, and make it easy to protect your investment, but NO, you have to get Jewed for every last stinking thing they can sell you.. and once again in case you weren't paying attention, this does not affect the videogame makers because they are selling these games  to the stores BEFORE YOU BUY THEM and they are selling them TO THE STORE for a very cheap price..

2. It is not mother fucking illegal to download games, or music or movies or anything of that matter.  I always see in video game magazines, these propaganda ad’s about how you wouldn’t steal a car would you? and then it says that illegal downloading is a crime and puts that idea in your head that its wrong to share you property with people…..In the United States and any other democratic country, you have the right to press (to post things,via the 1st amendment), this means media, you have the right to the privacy of your persons, papers, items and effects and no one can say different,(the 4th amendment, you have the right to share you property with anyone you see fit)  not congress, not the police, not your ISP not some big corporate game store who wants to make millions in profit just to fill their shareholders pockets, no one, and any law made that conflicts with anything in the US constitution is null and void, that means you defy it, you ignore it and do it anyway, and if anyone tells you different either kill them for high treason or sue them for violating your bill of rights.

3. It does NOT stop people from WANTING to buy games, most people want to have the box and the instruction manual and all the little flyers and goodies that games come with, they want to buy the strategy guide and the special accessories with their favorite game icons on them,  its like a collectable, what I'm saying is that if video games were sold for what is reasonable no one would NEED to download games because they would be SO much more affordable, people would by two copies and give one to a friend if 2 games only cost them 15 bux! It makes absolutely no sense to charge a 3000 percent mark up and its fucking theft.


Buy and iEDGE card, hack your PSP, Modchip your XBOX get a PS3 Key and show these people that we are sick and fucking tired of being raped and fucked dry, down to our last red cent, just so we can enjoy a little entertainment in our lives, because video games is like art, it is a form of art, and in my opinion the most beautiful out there, and it is criminal, insanely greedy and sick to demonize people for wanting to have access to this art and entertainment with out being made a choice to either eat for the week, or play the new phantasy star online, as long as I have the ability, I will continue to upload to torrent the games I buy, to scan in the game guides I have, to help distribute roms and games, untill Gamestop, EB, Wallmart and other retailers charge a normal price for videogames and their accessories.

Long live the digital robin hoods, steal from the rich to give to the poor what is theirs to share with the world.

-Count Scrappula.

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