Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Golden Sun to brighten up this shit world.

With the super dyke Janet Napolitano scaring the general public out if its wits with her made up fake terrorist bullshit saying the CIA, or al-quedea, as the propaganda box in your living room calls them, is going to blow up the earth any second with their sophisticated suitcase nukes that the USA gave them , we need something  happy, something that really kicks ass, something that not only says fuck you to the world that is falling apart around us and raping us around every turn, but something that makes you smile and that you can really enjoy and get a little obsessed over to drowned out the telescreens telling you to tattle tale on your neighbors to Homo-land security.
Well if you own a Nintendo DS you are in luck!!! One of the most triumphant, bodacious games to ever be made has came out and its called Golden Sun : Dark Dawn.  A small game development studio called Camelot Software Planning has came out with some GOLDEN gems its its time such as Shining Force III on Sega Saturn and  Golden Sun on Gameboy advance, witch was amazing for that little machine and for the time you were playing it, you forgot you were playing something on a little portable device. Well they work their magic again with this new addition to the Golden Sun series on the DS.  99 percent of new games that are out now fucking suck a male camel's dick with Heinz tomato catsup, its games like Call Of Dukie, er Duity that really let people like me down, just the same old stupid brainwashing war game that you scream at because of the “fucking lag” or its cheating or you have to listen to some faggot put his headset down next to his stereo while he listens to fucking M&M while trying to play online.  Well this game proves that good video games still exist.
It’s a classic RPG formula with a really really good story line, lots of details, good graphics (for the DS) good soundtrack tones of things to collect and find, cool puzzles to solve, but not ones that make you fucking throw your shit across the room because only Sylvia Brown could know the answer to solving, even though its random battles through out the game their evenly spaced out and go quickly, so your not fighting a monster every 10 steps.
Now there are plenty of game reviews about this game you can read online, that will go into more detail about the gameplay, the story, the previous games that this one follows and what its all about, but what I love and want to talk about the most on this game is the story, the wonderful, always stand up for what's right message, Your characters in the game always help out the people in need, always fight against the oppressive government and always make the right choices and really set an awesome example of what true hero’s should be and act like, and I love this game for it, it just makes you happy and feel good to play it! One time I bought a RPG for my Xbox 360, and because I hate this piece of shit game I don’t even want to tell you its name because I don’t even want people to pay attention to this sick shit, but I will say it was made by Ubisoft, anyhow I was playing this game and one of the main characters was a fucking faggot who talked with a lisp, wore purple lip stick and always hit on the male main character, I fucking called Ubisoft and screamed at them like a fucking banshee, because I am so sick and fucking tired of seeing games with fucking asshole characters, or stupid games about being a fucking ghetto ass rapper or a fighting game with all your favorite crusty rap “stars” who’s special moves include throwing fried chicken legs and jugs full of purple kool-aid at each other. But finally I get a game that meets all my expectations, it sets an example for younger players that doing good and standing up for what's right and being honest  is the true meaning of power and the only way to be a hero.  Thanks Camelot for making such a kick ass game.

Of course you can use your stylus OR you can just use the buttons, I thought that control scheme was really cool because  you can use bolth or one or the other, there are lots of characters that you can play as and collect through the game, you can swap them out during a battle, like in Final Fantasy X, There are little creatures called Djinn that you have to find and collect by solving puzzles or finding a secret passage and these little creatures give you special magic or “Psyenergy” ablities and collect enough of them and you get really cool summons, a super powerful spell that is very similar to the summons of the Final Fantasy series, with really well animated cut scenes for each one cast. There are so many good things to talk about in this game that you just have to play it for your self.
  • Amazing storyline, awesome characters with lots of background, very well wrote.
  • Really cool cut scenes and animations, never felt myself getting bored.
  • Really good graphics for the DS, I would say about the best that little machine could pump out.
  • Challenging but not frustrating, a gem example of good programming, instead of just a bunch of faggot kids who suck at making video games and just make it fucking impossible so they don’t have to take the time to make a good game and work out the bugs.
  • LOTS of cool stuff to collect, places to explore, ect, not just a rushed game with some extra shit thrown in, this one was really well designed.
If you own a Nintendo DS then buy this game, or buy and iEDGE card and download it, or download this game and an emulator and play it. Either way, just play it.  It really put a smile on my face, made me happy and for the time that I'm playing it, makes me feel like I'm part of a world where people still have honestly and goodness inside of their hearts, it makes me not want to give up on life and humans and that no matter how evil or how bad, or how much propaganda we see on TV, that fighting the good fight for the sake of standing up for what's right is my duty.  You might think that is a stupid thing to say, untill you play this game. and if you do play it and you don’t like it. well.. then.. may you burn in hell you soulless fucking piece of shit, go play some gears of war, faggot.

-Count Scrappula

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