Monday, February 14, 2011

Facts are now considerd hate speech.

If you don't think exactly like TV tells you to, your spreading hate and lies. If you don't say the same thing that TV media has told you to, YOU are a hater and a bigot. from now on, sit down, shut up, drink your fluoride tap water, let 50 year old men rape 8 year old boys, because its normal. Let women who have had bad relationships with men shave their heads and take testosterone hormones to grow a beard, that is mentally stable. And if a man wants to wear a dress, a wig, get breast implants and pretend to be a women. Well that is just as normal as can be.

Its totally normal to decide one day that you want to have your dick split in half longways and folded inside out so another man can shove his cock up your new designer cunt. Its normal to take a hormone pill so your voice changes and you grow things that you normally shouldn't. But hey. Nature or God must have messed up right? something must have went wrong when your genome mitochondria decided that you would be a man or a women. Its sure not TV and movies and books and posters and music and the CONSTANT bombardment of homosexual culture, NOOoooOo and if you DARE say anything bad about these mentally stable people, well than you are just spreading hate, your an evil evil human.

Are you, the general public trying to tell me that a transvestite is NORMAL? that it is perfectly acceptable to mutilate your body and your organs, to mutate your bodies DNA to become something your not, because you feel confused inside?? that is not a MENTAL CONDITION??

it sure the fuck is.

Ignore the facts, ignore your gut instinct, program your brain over and over and over to accept it.

Can you motherfuckers not see how fucking mentally sick this shit is?

-why does a dyke try to be a man, why pretend to be a man by shaving your head, why dress manly to imitate the masculine aspect ?? why cant you just be a normal women? you don't have to wear a fucking short skirt and halter top, but embrace what God, nature or the chance of genetics made you, if being gay is a genetic thing, why does this same dyke say she wants to find her prince like in the story books when she is 5, with out the influence of anyone else she says she wants to be loved by the opposite sex, without even knowing what that is, so how does someone like that carry a "gay gene" when children, unprogrammed, untouched by society's influence, PROVE that it is natural to be straight. why does a dyke crave to be a mother?, go to any lengths to have a baby,tries to obtain frozen sperm from MEN,

I mean fucking think about how insane this is! a women has to have a man jerk off in a cup, put his jizz in a turkey baster, blast his sperm in an egg with a gene gun, then with another turkey baster, shove all this back up captin baggy-pants' cunt and hope that her uterus accepts the fertilized egg??? how about you have a child the natural way??????

and your telling me this is fucking normal, that a mentally stable person, are you fucking the most brainwashed retard to ever live?

Can you not see how indoctrinating children to learn about gay history and gay culture in public schools is brainwashing them at an early age to question their own sexuality before they even know what that means?? That is the TEXTBOOK, by definition of social engineering...and that is OK???? what the fuck screwed up world do i LIVE in, its like a literal twilight zone episode, where one day i wake up and everyone just believes anything that they are told, even if it is the most sick, wrong and disgusting thing that another human could possibly be involved in. That a 8 year old boy needs to learn about gay sex...before he even can understand what sex really is? that is OK.. HOW? how the fuck can any human being that is not a complete PEDOPHILE defend public schools shoving a religious way of life down some little innocent child's throat??

You fucking cant. NO one can even debate me with out getting so fucking angry they shut down completely, because when faced with facts by medical doctors, that homosexuality is a MENTAL disorder, a learned trait, they freak out because they refuse to even listen to facts, medical proof.

Now if i was to say, all Christians are idiots and they shove their religion of ignorance down our throats, id have a slew of supporters saying how right i am, with no fact, with nothing other than opinions.

If is say being gay is mentally unstable and fits all of the criteria of a sexual predator. Now i am spreading hate.


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