Tuesday, January 4, 2011

U.K. Student Protestors, wake up or FUCK off.

While all the Nob's in the UK were crying and whining about how they don’t get free schooling, the queen signed over the sovereignty of the United Kingdom to the E.U. (via the Lisbian treaty)starting January 1st 2011, laws and the courts and regulations will be “harmonized” with United Nations and European Union Byelaws and now, starting Mach 1st 2011 Herbal remedies and supplements will fall under Codex Allimentarius, making the sale of VITAMINS illegal, the processes will be slow so no one will notice, but it starts with regulating the sale of vitamins with registration fees of £ 80,000 quid for each item a company wishes to sell.  So if you make vitamins, for each item you want to sell you have to pay the equivalent of $150,000 dollars to the government, for them to give you a piece of paper saying you are allowed to sell a fucking herb.  This is sick, this is what people should be blockading the streets over,  their  country has just lost its sovereignty, their laws and courts are now subject to the United Nations, to the world courts, their banks now belong to IMF and globalist new world order Jews. All their tax money goes to foreign, offshore criminal loan sharks, called bankers. Do you see the students rioting in the streets because England no longer belongs to them?  do you see them protesting that herbs are becoming illegal and if you want vitamins, you will have to have a special prescription from a doctor, who of course are all in the pockets of Pharmaceutical companies? Nope, their crying in their Carlsberg over student fee’s POSSIBLY going up, their  screaming their brainwashed, hippy, atheist lungs out over another tesco  opening up over a cement slab that had some plants growing in used tires and empty cooking oil buckets , they swarm people in the streets wearing their little green vests, trying to convince people that Greenpeace is good and that the earth is heating up, while the UK suffers one of the coldest and worst winters in recorded history. Its fucking time to wake up and stop whining about things that don’t really matter, if you go to university, you are going to be indoctrinated with New World Order doublespeak anyhow, you actually WANT that?? How dumb are you? Are you guaranteed a job IF you graduate? No. Do you have a looming debit either way? Yes.  So what the FUCK!  You throw paint at the royal cars because you don’t get free RE-Education? Yet you don’t care if you cant be healthy? You don’t care that your country your fathers and grandfathers died, in belief, to protect now belongs to a group of bankers who headquarters are in Israel?   This is not to pick on the people of the UK because this type of thing is going on across the world, I personally love the average English citizen like my own brother, I love their style and culture and their lingo and everything about the beautiful country of England and this is why this rude, in your face statement must be made. Because you need to wake the FUCK up, your are months away from being completely under martial law, your councils steal, yes they STEAL your money and threaten you with prison if you don’t pay up, just like some fat, greasy gangsters, Your freedom of speech has been taken away, your being watched every second of the day by CCTV, being poisoned with fluoride in your water… next time you go out in the streets to riot, don’t destroy a Vodoaphone shop, because your criminal government wont give you free school, riot in the streets because you have lost your basic human freedoms, because your government has given YOUR hard earned money to foreign banks, because your country has been invaded, this is a war, a war for your mind, for the ability to know the truth and for the ability to live in freedom, to grow your own food, to live peacefully with out a stooge from the city council coming to your house and demanding you pay them “protection” money.  Stand up for what is right, buy a gun, buy several, protect yourself, your country and your family. Next time you want to burn a vehicle, a police substation, a McDonalds or a mobile phone store, turn to RBS, go down to your local Lloyds and riot, take all your money out if you have a bank, Never shop at a store that uses a bank or debit cards, because THIS is real, this matters, this effects your everyday life and the everyday life of the future, be it yours, your children or your grandchildren.

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