Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long live the Constitution.

Westburo Baptist church, the talking point of all major news stations who wish to attack Christians… Oh this is going to be one of my favorite blogs, it gives me a chance to expose how people are pathetic mind controlled hypocrites who cant even make their own opinions on subjects, but instead are allowed to say EXACTLY  the same hard core hate fueled things as I do, just on the other side of the fence, and as long as they stay on the Jewish controlled media side, well that’s ok.

Here in lies the REAL problem.

  1. The Constitution of the United States of America says that anyone, not just people who think homosexuality is ok, has the freedom of speech, the freedom to protest, to assemble and to print anything that he or she may be thinking, again, the freedom of speech, the freedom of press, the right to assemble, these are unalienable rights, granted to every person who is a citizen of the United States.
  2. It doesn’t matter one fucking bit, what these people actually believe, its their God given right to do so, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, as loudly as they wish, they can hand out tracts and bullhorn and yell and scream, this is also YOUR right. YOU can do the same.
  3. Talking points are CREATED, especially  for the media, by these fake, CIA-funded groups, to make Christians, all Christians, seem like crazy, Salem witch trial screwheads, and paint a picture that all Christians are pruny women in long dresses with their hair in a bun and their index finger pointed at the masses, screaming how they will burn in hell. Yet if you’re a dyke with a buzz cut, and a chicago bulls tattoo throwing bags of dog shit at a church , screaming “ill fuck your god in the ass with my strap-on” like in the case of the protest at Highland Christian Church, in Eureka, CA, then it never makes the news, no one talks about it on radio, TV, newspapers, the cops will do nothing , not a goddamn word, but if you went to and LGBT meeting with a sign saying “God made adam and eve, not adam and steve” THEN, OH boy, THEN you are a homophob, a “hater” and people are posting on their Facebooks how you need to be killed and you should be dealt with, no, there is no “tollerance” for you. Only hate speech, but sense that only works one way……

Again it doesn’t matter if you agree with them, because, personally, I think there just spooks sent out there so the media can film it.  The point to all this is to PROVE how sick and BRAINWASHED the average human is, and how fast they will parrot an opinion that’s been pre thought out, pre programed for them to say, think and believe. Will you be so fucking stupid as to read this blog and try to think up a rebuttal, are you THAT brainwashed that you just flat out REFUSE to see the truth, the bigger picture of what's happening? Can you not see how your being told what and how to think?

Another great example.  In the Denver Museum, that is TAXPAYER funded, right now, they have a display of different sculptures of Jesus as a homosexual getting blowjobs from random men. This is ok, its advertised , its funny and normal??   What would happen if you did the same thing but with Mohammad? do you think the Muslim community would stand for that shit? do you think they would protest?  Now what if you had a statute of Charles Darwin sucking cock? you think the atheists would be pissed?? you cant even have a separate prayer in a public school OUTSIDE without them crying like little bitches that religion is being shoved down their throats,  can  you see how  you are being persuaded to hate God and told that Jesus is dumb and uncool? can you see how your being told what to think, that religion is evil and against people just being able to do whatever they want, with no repercussions?  I mean, in the Talmud, the Jewish holy book,  in Yabamoth 43b, it talks about how a Rabbi can fuck a child that is at least 3 years and 1 day old, how sick is that? do you hear people and atheists calling them pedophiles? it says in the Talmud that anyone who is not of Jewish blood should be killed, do you see the media calling them racist?  NOPE not a fucking peep, in fact if you say anything against a Jew they call you an anti-Semite, regardless of what their own bible says,  BUT if you even mention Jesus..OH GOD OH NO OOH OHOHOHH your shoving religion down my throat, oh oh oh o….

They use the Westburo Baptist Church as a catalyst, to promote their one world globalist ideals of the Malthusian, everyone belongs to everyone, that being a Christian is associating yourself with a “hate group” that a  loving family is not normal, that a mother and father is not a normal family institution, but that a girl and a girl who dresses up like a man is, that its mentally healthy if a girl wants to surgically cut off her titts, take synthetic hormones to grow facial hair and make her voice sound like a retarded seal, if a women wants to do all this, and then be artificially inseminated so she can have a baby, but as a man, oh it’s a miracle! lets right books about it! if you want to be a Christian and protest against gay marriage, then you are a close minded idiot, even though marriage is a Christian religious ceremony… Can you see yet how this is just a brainwashing tool, can you see yet how hypocritical and backwards all of this is, can you see how the masses are being programmed to hate religion that stand for morals and goodness and honesty?

The LGBT pervert group, has btiched and whined and sued and bellyached to get homosexuality and homosexual education taught to FUCKING KINDERGARDENERS, FORCED onto your children, yes that’s right if you take them out of school they will be held as truant, that means the parent can be put in jail, if you don’t let your 5 or 6 year old child learn about crossdressers and how to have gay anal sex, but this is ok? isn't this even more sick in the head than some people holding up signs on the side of the road? are THEY forcing your 5 year old to learn about gay sex?  This sound more like shoving a religion or set of beliefs  down your throat then any Christian institution has ever promoted.

Honestly, if you, by the end of this blog, are so fucking stupid that you just cant see how you have been brainwashed to hate Christians, to call them hypocrites with out even reading the Bible, then email me at and I will publish, on the next blog, ANYTHING you write, and ill fucking PROVE you wrong. I fucking dare you to debate me.


Its ok to protest, that is your fucking RIGHT, its ok to speak your mind and stand up for the truth, but what is not ok, is when idiot motherfuckers say that you should be killed for protesting and then turn around and say that people who are protesting what YOU believe in are close minded haters who are spreading hate and intolerance, when that is exactly what YOU are doing…

Amen and here is a big fat silent majority, go fuck yourself to all the coward brainwashed morons out their who are so stupid they don’t even know when they are victims of double speak.

-Le Scrapp

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