Sunday, December 5, 2010

WERE BACK! S.M.U.G. # 124 Long Live Wiki Leaks !

Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast Episode number One hundred and twenty four.

This episode is really a 2 parter. I’m sick and tired of being told that if you don’t think one way then you are close minded, A website called wiki leaks, if you don’t already know, has been all over the news because they posted on their  website documents of the USA down talking other political leaders and other such information. Now there calling the head of the website a traitor and that he has “compromised” national security … this is so fucking stupid, its like watching someone steal a car, you then go to the police station and say I am a witness to a car theft, I can identify the thief and the car and where he is going, then the cops arrest you and tell you your being charged with grand theft auto… that’s how stupid this fucking ordeal is, absolutely pathetic.  Wiki Leaks have been releasing government documents about lies on the Iraq war, how 911 was a inside job and on and on and on…for years… and not a peep, but some garbage about Obama saying world leaders are weirdo’s and its fucking mayhem, what fucking sense does that even make??

the double mind.

Also this episode I ask everyone to go and report this guy on Facebook, he is a stupid pedophile that is allowed to run around the internet with his Spiderman underwear around his ankles that he stole from a little 8 year old boy, while people who are telling the truth like wiki leaks and Alex Jones are banned from Google and YouTube.  This guy is a sad looser who lives in a trailer in Elkhart IN and welds things together for his living, he has a fat disgusting slut that he claims is his boyfriend, er, I mean, girlfriend, but I think he just uses her to hide the fact he is a sick homo pedophile that fucks little kids, so report him and get him banned from any social network you might be on .

Get this sad little bitch banned !

Last but not least, I talk about a really cool RPG for the PSP called CLADUN: This is an RPG! it’s a really cool dungeon crawler/ button masher, its set in a retro 8-bit look with lots of cool modern graphics and sound mixed in, you can create your own little pixelated main character or use one from the story line.  The music on this game is really good and you can even select it to be in the old Nintendo 8-bit beeps and boops sounds, that is until you change it back because it gets old quick..I think.  The graphics are old school but not shit, the control is fine for what it is and the only bad thing I've ran into so far is its another “home screen” game where there is only one main screen you use to select the dungeons, I personally hate that, exploring different towns is half the fun of an RPG! but I'm still early in the game so well see, I will continue this review next episode when I have had more time to explore this cool title, SO worth the torrent download, however if you had to pay 30-40 bux ide say no way and tell you to blow it on Phantasy Star Portable 2. However it’s a really cool game, scope it out!

Until Next episode !!!

-Count Scrappula.

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