Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PREVIEW to new SMUG radio show and Blog.

Hello again, this is just a little teaser to a new SMUG podcast ( comeing and a new blog to follow. I fucking hate how you are forced in todays mainstream world to think exactly like everyone or you are closed minded. Like homosexuality, if you dont agree with faggots then you are closeminded, yet if you ask someone if they think its ok to be a pedophile or to have sex with, lets say, dogs, they look at you funny and call you sick and say no, so whats the diffrence, dont they have to accept the fact that some people like to rape little children and have sex with animals? arent they just being closeminded?? or isnt this just a perfect example of encoded morals and the fact that TV hanst yet told them its ok to fuck a golden retreaver.

the real answer is coming up.

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