Sunday, October 10, 2010

Body Jewlz SUX !


Ok, its time for another awesome blog from the person who loves to tell the truth and be as in your face and as hardcore about the truth as possible, As you may or may not know, besides The Silent Majority band and the S.M.U.G radio show, my day job is body piercing, I know just about all the in’s and out’s of the industry and how business works, I have 11 years of in-shop experience, trained for 2 years under a certified and licensed piercer named Alex Compos, one of the best in the 90’s before piercing is what it is now.  I myself have 3 certifications, a college degree and am licensed and registered by San Francisco Health Department, so I know my shit when it comes to body piercing.

The reason for the background is that a few years ago some 30 year old pedophiles started working at a little cart-kiosk in Vintage Fair Mall, selling cheap Chinese made body jewelry. The little stand was called body jewlz and obviously was ran by someone who can read, write or spell English.  After a few months of just selling stupid little 14 year old sluts belly button rings, they started to carry plastic “tapers”  and instead of going to a reputable shop to have your ears stretched with sterile equipment, people were having these trendy douche bags lube up some cheap shitty plastic spike looking thing, and ram it through their ear piercing that was very small, of course it rips, and tears creating massive scarring and looks like fucking shit, but since, they have no proper training, nor were qualified to do so, people were getting nasty infected sore’s where their ear piercing used to be.


(actual photo from Ritchie Love stretching an ear with a plastic taper at Body Jewlz)

Now they thought they were cool, and since they had been ramming plastic jewelry in poor peoples ears they believed they were piercers, so 1 year later they open their own tattoo and piercing shop called “Elite”, no training, no licensing, no degree for sterilization, and by watching YouTube videos of people getting pierced, they begin to absolutely butcher the public, while also continuing to run their cart in the mall, they began to advertise for their new shop, at the mall of all places, so of course, since quite a few shoppers frequent the mall, they began to get quite a few customers, however in less than 8 months, they had hurt, butchered, scarred and messed up so many tattoos and piercings, they had the worst reputation in all of Modesto, CA, surpassing even that of a ghetto ass Indian-run smoke shop called EZ Rock, that did piercings out of a storage closet.

So, after Elite shut its doors, mommy and daddy gave them some more money and they made Body Jews, from a cart in a mall that sells crap jewelry, to a store INSIDE the mall that does shit piercings, tattoos AND sells bullshit jewelry, same inexperienced, no talent kids, fucking up people.

My problem with these people are this.

  • They claim to be certified by the APP (Association of professional piercers) how ever if you visit their website and scroll down you can see where it says the following : “Does not license or certify piercers. Members do receive a certificate of membership which must be renewed every year. Attendees of APP classes receive a seminar certificate.” so how are they certified  by a place that, on their own website, says they do NOT offer body piercing certification?  well, cause their lying faggot trendy pieces of shit who need to have their face beaten in with  a hammer.
  • They suck at their job, they use jewelry to pierce that is the cheapest quality bullshit I have ever seen, this causes infections, scarring, keloiding and  dermal hypertrophy, I personally have fixed at least 200 messed up piercings from Ritchie Love, over the past few years that they have been hacking people apart, while this may seem like a lot of people, its nearly 1 in 3 customers from Body Jews that needed help to get their infected piercing out.6DSCN3057 (an infected tongue piercing done by Ritchie Love at body jewlz)
  • They do not test their auto clave, like they are required to, when a customer asks they are supposed to provide whats called an ATS sheet, a lab test, proving their shit is clean and working! yet when asked they cannot nor will not provide you with proof they do this, but tell you that their sure it works? however when asking Ritchie Love over a telephone call interview live on S.M.U. G he could not answer any questions based on simple cross contamination code questions, like what chemicals they used to disinfect their surfaces, he responded with alcohol, witch does not kill Hep C or HIV, when asked what PSI an auto clave needed to reach for proper sterilization, his exact words, “we bought it brand new, so we wouldn't have to worry about that stuff” so by buying something new that means you don’t need to know how it works right? this is just ONE example of how someone who knows so little about the basics should NOT be surgically implanting metal into the skin of the paying public.
  • last but not least is its fucking location, in a mall, think about this, people with bleeding fresh wounds made at a store inside the mall, go to try on clothes, sit in the food court, touch the handrails, the products in the other stores, maby your kids puts his hand on a bloody paper towel left behind by a girl dabbing at her fresh bleeding wound, that girl could have gotten gang banged by 10 ghetto faggots and a party and have herpes for all you know, and now your exposed to it while shopping for your bits, what a GREAT idea !! tattoos and piercings are not a fashion badge, they are a symbol of the underground, that you have said fuck you to TV and mainstream ideals, that you are not part of a trend, but an underground lifestyle rejecting, rap and fake sparkly teeth, or men in makeup and women's clothing taking depression medication because they hate their koosh suburban life.

I encourage everyone to go and LIKE the facebook page Body Jewlz SUCKS, just type that into your search bar and let the world know you support real artists, people who delicate their entire life to body art, to the movement and to being professional and clean, because they are educated, not because they saw it on a reality TV show.infected20tattoo (an infected tattoo done at Body Jewlz)


Scrapp27 said...

in fact just go to the body jewlz facebook page itself and report it as a fake profile.

Nick rinco said...

well right off the bat ritchie was a douch bag that no one liked at at the shop. the whole intire shop has a new owner and everything is clean and steril.the whole shop has had a make over.. you must not know much about tattoos and piercing. the tubs and needles they use are pre packaged and sterilized meaning if you got a tattoo and dont know how to take care of it right cuz you a dumb ass yes it will get infected has nothing to do with there cleanlyness cuz they are clean. its your dumb fualt. as for ritchie he problly did fuck up on your peircing he was a dumbass and thats why he dosnt work there anymore.. how bout you go check it out these days ...