Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday SEGA Dreamcast



I remember in early 1997 hearing about Project Katana, a joint venture in a new console between SEGA and 3Dfx (remember the awesome graphics cards for PC in the 90s called Voodoo?) soon the hot word in all the gamer mags was that SEGA and 3dfx had a falling out and a settlement lawsuit over 3dfx publishing the fact they were developing with SEGA a new console that was then a secret…. anyhow I remember reading about the VMU for the first time, the fact is was coming bundled with a modem and was going to have online games and a web browser, I could hardly sit still, and for the next year i was obsessed. I could recite all the tech specs better than I could spell any word in the English language, then came the first time I got to lay my hands on a Japanese version of the gaming console called… Dreamcast. It was at an electronics boutique in Concord Mall, Elkhart, IN ( a real shit hole of a place to live by the way) and from then on 1999 became the best year of my life, the anticipation during the moth of august was almost unbearable, and the night before September 9th I lay awake on my flip n fuck with the sick feeling of being so excited I could barley breathe, then I could stand it no longer, I got on my bicycle and rode down to the mall to pick up my preordered dream, a dream I had spent 2 whole paychecks on and had purchased every launch title that they had to offer……I got a bagel and cream cheese at the local dunkin donuts as it was the only place open at 4am, and I sat across from the mall waiting for the next 2 hours for the store to open early so that I could hold in my hands something that again would literally change my life, as the clock ticked by, I lined up outside, then the doors opened, I had my hands on one, finally, got home, plugged it in, turned it on, and Sonic Adventure blew my mind, the graphics were unreal at that time, and to me still are, it took them until the PS3 to produce the amount of texture detail that Dreamcast had, for the next three years, I bought all the games, beat everything to death, whipped anyone in soul caliber, was always on the Dreamcast IRC, surfed the web, wrote all my emails, spent at least a year playing Phantasy Star Online and Chu Chu Rocket……you name it, DC did it for me.

Unfortunately, SEGA had a faggot for a CEO named Bernie Stolar, who blamed his successor, but was the reason the plug was pulled on the greatest console ever made, in march 2002 .  Dreamcast still to this day has a huge cult following of people who program games still for the DC, who make homebrew games and a community who have made it possible to download every game, even the unreleased ones, and burn it to a regular old CD-R and play any Dreamcast game you little heart would wish.

Now this is not the whole Dreamcast story, there are TONS of websites out there that will tell you the ins and outs and what not’s of the history of the worlds best console, this is just merely a blog to wish happy birthday to something that changed my soul, that gave me something to be happy about and look forward to in a shitty time and place, it made me want to get the fuck out of a dead end and move to a wonderful city where I could do and become something, and I did, because of SEGA I moved to California and got to hang out in San Francisco, have the adventures of a lifetime, Make a semi famous punk rock band, meet incredible friends, inspire me to write awesome catchy songs that people really dig, start a radio show,and to meet my wife, as stupid as this my come across to people, but if it wouldn't have been for NAOMI (the board design used in Dreamcast and arcade cabinets and acronym for New Arcade Operations Machine Idea) I would have never been anywhere, done anything or felt the power and inspiration that SEGA gave me. There push for technology and simple fact they were one of the only companies that didn't care just about their bottom line, but rather about art, technology, pushing the absolute limits to what people seen and experienced. I love SEGA and their consoles, the only reason they failed in the mainstream is because people always like the shittiest products, what ever sucks more is what people buy two of..

Long live the true masters of video games

Thank you Suzuki-San, Naka-san and Senoue-San, only AM2 could ever pull me through…



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