Friday, August 6, 2010

College is for retards.

This is one of my favorite things to talk about because it offends so many people, and I am never scared to say the truth and tell it like it is no matter how many people get upset, i mean, if you ever listened to one of my bands songs ( you would know that offensive is my “business” and the latest episode of my radio show “Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast #123 College if for retards!” @ you can learn how this is one of the biggest Jewish scams in the history of the world. Unfortunately we as a society are brainwashed in this day and age to believe that a college degree is some sort of ticket to getting a good job. This is and always will be a total fucking lie. Now i know some of you asshole pieces of shit out there will be like, oh, your just mad because you don't have one or your not smart enough to get into a college, and to my dismay i have to admit that i was stupid enough to go to college and earn, and i cough when i say earn, a bachelors degree in advertising and design, that, even though i aced through, i never got an advertising job, ever, in fact i spent the last 11 years doing body piercings and playing guitar in a punk rock band.. So yes I do have a shit degree and know first hand what a scam it is.

SO lets look at just a few reasons why.

  1. Colleges are scam artists, unless your going to Yale or Brown for nuclear science and physics, colleges always try to recruit the people who are in the bottom 40 percent of your class, why? because they know that after they have paid their 40,000 dollar scam fee to go to your establishment of Re-education they cannot find a job, or a job that will hire out of college because every place wants at least 2 years experience, or you learn that they require a higher degree such as a masters, so back you go to the loan shark to try to get yourself that “better job”. Rack up another 40 grand for the school and 0 for you…they know how hard it is to find a job yet promise you that lie of a degree gets you a million dollar job and you can drive a nice car and have a good place to live if you just attend our school.
  2. Instead of just being able to go to school for free, as it should be, (hello Switzerland!) you have to go get a school loan, usually something that you can either never pay off, or will be spending the rest of your life trying to pay off, and these are NOT under chapter 11, meaning that if you file under being bankrupt, you still have the pay for the school's loan sharking.  IF and when you do get a job, they are illegally allowed to garnish your wages, meaning that they just take money out of your paycheck for the loan at what ever amount they feel like, so even if you do get some money, finally, there just going to take it, leaving you with the same amount as if you got a job at McDonalds.
  3. College is a set up to re-educate people to how the Jewish controlled educations system sees fit, by telling you there are no right or wrong answers, all people are acceptable, epically the morally corrupt and the perverts who like little boys, (they deserve the right to marry you know)…telling you Outcome Based Education is normal and that you have to take mandatory classes that deal with NOTHING you are trying to go to school FOR, like at MJC college in Modesto, CA where they have death education, teaching you how, literally, and this is from there class description brochure, “death is not to be feared and can be a wonderful thing, we examine the different religions of  the world and how they deal with death and its acceptance.”

I mean, i could write a book, or maybe i should, about how college is a fucking scam so i want you to do some researching, listen to my show, read some books on it, learn how in history most great inventors and scientists never went to college, i mean what university did Ben Franklin go to?? oh.. yea.. he didn’t nor did Tesla, or Edison, or Bell……



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