Thursday, July 8, 2010

YOU pay for food to be Kosher !

You can hear about this on S.M.U.G. # 121 my podcast @ Silent Majoritys Underground Gamecast or by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and listening on the flash player.

Yes that’s right, ever see that little U inside of a circle or perhaps a K on your box of breakfast cereal and wonder what that is? well my friends, that is the Jewish community ripping you off. Basically an organization calls up your food manufacturer and tells them unless you certify your food as kosher you will face a boycott of your products by all Jews, and we will not let you advertise on our TV networks and we will call your company anti-Semitic, now, we can help you with this certifying process, you simply fill out this contract and we send a Rabbi over to bless the box of trisicuts and you pay us X amount of money for our time, and then, of course, booby, so you don't loose money, you just pass the cost on to your customer. So in turn the cost of YOUR food is raised so that a racist religious sect can make sure that your chocolate syrup has been slaughtered according to the torah, or that your bottle of Arrowhead water has been blessed by a rabbi.  Now if you were any other religious sect saying that the general population must pay for a priest to come and inspect your food, lets say a Muslim, wouldn't you be upset if the cost of your bread was $2.59 instead of $1.25 all because a Hindu priest had to make sure kahli-ma had not possessed your wheat ? this is literally how stupid it is and exactly what is happening, the cost of your food is drastically raised because a leader of a religion must come in to the food manufacturer and make sure that he is following the 100’s of ancient laws of the Talmud and Torah. To me this is fucking bullshit, the cost of food in the USA is already so fucking outrageous that people should literally be looting the supermarkets until they lower the cost of food back down to normal. Just think about this little fact every time you go grocery shopping and you wonder why a box of triscuts are fucking 4 bux !

IF you would like to see a list of all the Kosher Logos and a list of the scam artists that provide this tax charge to you so that they can eat better knowing that the blood of the cow drained at a certain angel  CLICK HERE 

The worst part is how much fucking money they make from this scam, because its all over the world, all countries have this, and after the rabbi have taken there cut, the money is sent “Home” to Israel, the horrible country that murders innocent Palestinians and bulldozes their homes, or tents for that matter, with little kids inside of them and gun them down as they run out, or the spying on other countries and selling there secrets to communist China,  there is not room in this blog for how deep the evil goes when it comes to Israel or their evil pig racist religion, in fact, in the link above is about 10 phone numbers for a rabbi, call them up and ask them how the Jews feel about the Goyim, ask them what it is , and then read what their holy books, the Talmud and the Kabala says about how to murder them and show no mercy.  In case they wont tell you, in general, any one who is not of Jewish decent is a heathen and must be cleansed.

I hate how if a Christian would do this the world would be in an uproar, i mean fuck, you cant even say the word God in a PUBLIC school with out some harry leg having she-he throw a tantrum and say there shoving religion down their child's throat, but if you dare say anything against people of Jewish faith your some type of sick racist monster, a classic ploy of double think, up is down, black is white, all religions that praise Lucifer are cool, anything that is  moral is oppressive.  Long live tyranny in the hearts of man, because freedom is Anti-Semitic.

Long live the ability and embedded right to the freedom of thought and speech.


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