Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast (S.M.U.G.)#122 Long live the Vandals !,,, facebook search “Scrapp Majority”  To listen to this episode scroll down to the flash player near the bottom of the page,  or go to

The Vandals have been for a long time one of my favorite bands, and for me that is hard to spit out mainly because of all the absolute troth feeding bands that are out there ruining the name of punk, today punk is one of two things ;

  1. Stupid fucking pouser kids who listen to left over crack and choking victim, dress like a fucking clown, preaching the contradictory and worthless message of anarcho-anything.
  2. MTV watching fluoride headed kids who still dress like a fucking clown but listen to rap and punk at the same time.

Now if anyone of you is guilty of this, fuck you. Honestly that is like saying I'm a Christian but i support the church of Satan too!

So.. this is why it is so important to me to get anyone out there to support The Vandals, buy some of there shirts and CD’s go to some shows and make viral this video, watch the video above, it will tell you better of what is going on then what i can type to you. In this latest episode of my show i do a skit bashing the Variety and the stupid Jew lawyer who makes up lies to extort money out of this awesome band, in fact if you would like to call him up and tell him where he can dig for some gold you can find the number for his ambulance chasing firm, and him HERE and take a nasty diarrhea shit in a bag and send it to him with a letter written in crayon that says, “For your collection” fuck you James Paul Williamson, he is a pathetic liar who fucks little boys and chickens. 

Long live The Vandals and the freedom of creativity, the freedom of speech and the Constitution, burn to the ground anyplace who sues people for a living.



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