Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here comes the censors..

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YouTube illegally decided to delete a lot of copies of the documentary “The Obama Deception” so i am going to post it right here for you to watch

The image in my head keeps repeating of a black women crying with joy over “I aint gotta worrie bout my mor-gage” at his inauguration into the Whitehouse,(ill bet she is still screaming and crying now that her house has been foreclosed) people screaming and crying and hopping around like Yeshua Yhamashia himself was walking past them, people frothing over the first black president, TIME and people magazine over and over put his ugly face on the cover, a commission awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing… and look at what is going on in the United States Of America right now.

  • Obama spent more money than all other president in history..combined!
  • Keeps trying to pass a bill to completely censor the internet forcing any website to get permission to post ANYTHING from the government. (first amendment)
  • Elected Sonya Sotomayor as a supreme court justice,  a racist Mexican La-Rasa member who says white people are scum and in her book, that the second amendment was only for the military. 
  • The US economy has went from really bad to absolute depression.
  • Never investigated the TARP bill or where the 9 trillion missing tax payer dollars went. (because he fucking knew)
  • His real fucking name is Barry Sataro NOT Barak Obama, who is NOT an American citizen
  • Rahm Emmanuel.. do i have to say anything else, a fucking ISREALIE SPY that obama hired as a chief of staff  

There are no jobs, no benefits for citizens, people who were millionaires all the way down to 711 workers are starving and homeless, cops are now refusing to respond to burglary  calls and shootings while taking there time to beat the shit out of protestors with the drooling excuse there just following orders, Obama is just a puppet for the banking mob who are looting every country they can get there hands around, Barry Sataro takes it in the ass and gets his commanding orders from the Jewish Rothschild family to completely force the world into a depression, he is doing NOTHING to help you, and even though i am now living in England, this effects me directly, when Americans loose there freedom of speech, the for cretin the  rest of the world is doomed.  I am an American, but fuck America for loving immorality, fuck them for being happy to be stupid, fuck them for loving rap and Lindsey Lohan, fucking rot in hell and die to the people who loved Obama and to anyone who thinks that there is such a thing as a lesser of two evils, you filth who are destroying life with your love of everything that is fucking trendy. I hate you almost as much as Lady GagGag. I support the truth, its in my music that i put out for free, its in my writings, my art, my soul, i love the light and what is good but im not scared to get fucking mad, i am NOT scared to tell people that there wrong or cowards when they whine about religion, i support morals and God, and to motherfucking hell with anyone of you who disagree.

Fuck Obama, Fuck the Jewish banking families or anyone who refuses to believe the truth.


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