Thursday, July 1, 2010

AIDS the man made and mass produced bio weapon.

In the last episode of S.M.U.G. # 120 (Silent Majority’s Underground Gamecast) I talked about how HIV was created in a lab for The United States Special Virus Program (1962-1978)
by a wonderful asslicker named Dr. Robert Gallogallojew
probably related to the Gallo family of Modesto CA, where they make such fine wines as Night Train and Boons Farm, this evil jerkoff not only was the “discoverer” of the HIV virus but was the man in charge of making a new “contagious cancer” for the US state department. 
Now we get on to his “patent” that is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, that literally is a procedure for mass producing HIV Click here for patent.
Not only is there the question of this history but the evidence of 14 of these progress reports that were put out by this special virus division that undeniably points to a bio weapon that could be attached more easily to a specific race that depleted the immune system. Check out Dr. Boyd’s WEBSITE with tons of links and downloadable proof you can see for your self.
Then there is the CURE, yes the CURE for AIDS as a product called tetrasil or Tetrasilver Tetroxide that has been registered in the patent office since 1996 CLICK THIS FOR THE CURE FOR AIDS, so why hasn't the FDA been shipping this out by the bucket load, why don't we see this all over the news?? well as i say about modern medicine, a cured patient is a lost costumer.. I mean think about
this a device that kills AIDS virus that has been around for 14 fucking years and not a peep on the news, dont you think that should be front page? but NOoOOo we have sick banker run news liars like McClatchy Corp. that print headlines like, “When is a taco truck a restaurant”
On a happier note, this episode I talk about the new Nintendo 3Ds
yup its a new DS system that has a 3d screen that does NOT require you to ware those stupid glasses. Listen to the show to hear more about it or do your own homework.
I also talk a little bit about Silent Hill : Shattered Memories, its a cool game that plays more like an interactive movie than survival horror, great graphics, cool story but a little on the lame side because you don’t ever actually fight anything..
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