Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Blog

SO it’s the New Year, a new beginning, or so everyone says, for me the New Year started on October of this past year, when off a KLM flight stepped something so amazing it would alter my life, my thoughts, my motivations and my soul. I am not a great writer so I will try hard to put into words my thoughts.
I’ve always lived by this weird and righous code of trying to put others first, or at least try to and throughout the years its bitten me in the ass so many times I have a new hole there where all the goodness of my soul would seep out. I never wanted to give up, I’m a “mushy” person, I like the idea of snuggling by a fire place and coloring in coloring books or drawing on your significant other with markers, I like the idea of snuggling and watching silly shows and taking a walk but not too far, I feel as if I am a dead breed, a style of human that was long ago swallowed up by the “bro-ha’s” a mentally twisted and deranged classification of people who watch sports, go to bars, have a deep fascination for girls who look like hookers from 1982. And ghetto “thug” want to be’s, who for some reason carry a deep infatuation for fat girls. However the more sickening piece to this equation is that the girls will still go after these types of people only because of brainwashing…
I digress however, this past year all of that stopped for me, I no longer have the feeling that I act this way for no reason, no longer do I feel underappreciated nor do I feel I have to worry about any of these things, for love is more powerful than anything this world could ever face, it destroys all inhabitations that I felt before.
On that warm wonderful day I waited in SFO, I met the most amazing, beautiful women, her name is Aimee Sanjari, she inspires my music, my heart and my thoughts, she puts love so deep in my heart that its harder to reach than the middle of the earth, she’s shared her ideas and dreams with me and I hold them close to my heart, I love her madly and more so every day, this new year I swere on anything that I am that I will put her first, tell her how beautiful she is every single day and pray that I can only make her life happy and blissful every second she is alive. No one has ever made me so happy and I cant put into words what has happened inside my heart or my head for it is bolth life altering and beautiful. I wish to thank her by my actions and the look in my eyes for every last major and minor thing shes ever done for me.
Aimee, I love you, and happy new year.

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