Friday, December 4, 2009

How Modesto ruined christmas, and stand up for yourself.

So here in my hometown of Modesto CA there was a christmas tree lighting ceremony, and i decided to trounce down to this amazing event, as you may know, i, scrappy huntington, being a huge fan of christmas, was quite excited and looking forward to this and the dickens fair for the last few months. When i arrived in the downtown plaza where the event was going to take place i discoverd a crime of all crimes, a folly that you would only see in cheesy christmas movies about the corrupt town who hates christmas and the heros of the movie are out to save it. The crime was of course, NO fucking christmas tree..... thats right, no goddamn christmas tree at the tree lighting ceremony....
and when i asked a city council member that was there, a dave lopez, why there was no tree he said it wasnt in the budget.... the christmas tree for the tree lighting ceremony was not in the town budget. Now let me remind you our town just recently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on video survailence cameras to put all over town, that is run by a third party, meaning the town nor the police view or record whats on these cameras. And to top that all off during the non tree ceremony the "yes" company, a group of carroling kids sang a song about how its the season of shopping, gotta get whats on the list cause theres no time for stopping. How disgusting is that? the very oppisite of christmas, the rival of christmas spirt, greed, was being trumpeted by little kids and teens at the ceremony where the town would not even spend the few measly bux on a fucking lighted christmas tree. The irony of this is squirting out like a whore in asian porn.

What else i hate is the lonly fact that we are being told that being poor is just going to have to be acceptable, that because a few jewish traitors who run money laundering schemes, also refered to as a bank, ruined our econmey that, well thats just how it is in these tough times and we should just be happy for what we have. What do i have to say to that is, go fuck yourself and stop listening to the tripe on NPRs news shows... you must be fucking kidding me right? i mean this is litteraly like saying, ok well you work for 2 weeks and im going to take your paycheck, and you just have to deal with that because its hard times, hopefuly you would punch me in the face and take back what you worked for. However, litteraly this is happening to people to the point where they cant even afford food, the city does nothing to help the small bussiness, and our town is one in millions with lines of empty commercial real estate bulidings who only get filled by another CVS or wallgreens.

But hey thats ok because we have lived to good for to long right? we as americans and humans have it too good, we need to accept that we need lower standards of living. We should just drink watter out of our tolit bowl and eat recycled food, infact we should just learn to live 40 people in a 3 bedroom house right?

If you agreed, i hope you die of swine flu. this is evil and wrong. we should never ever ever accept this, infact i say if you want a small bussiness, go get your stolen tax money back from bank of america, demand that they give it back to you, this is the real way to create jobs. If your place of employment cuts your hours, dont leave demand they pay you or burn that fucker to the ground, if they shut there doors, go find the CEO or the district manager and take his fucking money. Im sick and tired of people laying down to get fucked in the ass and saying that thats just the way it is. stand up agaist this treason. fight back, make the people fight the corruption or suffer the wrath of the honest moral majority. the silent majority, thats you. stand up and defend your right.

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