Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free Music From us !!

Yes well here is our Blogger site, trying to keep up with the times and the government ran social networks, you know i do hate these things, there nothing more than a way for the lovely illegal fedral government to track your every thaught and move, to dissenchant your from face to face ecounters and the freedom to do what ever you want, even at the cost of someones feelings and life, with no consequences. Also for your girlfriend or boyfriend, to cheat, lie, deceive and give you that extra doubt that some fucking faggot is hitting on them or leaving them cutesy little comments that diserve a ball pin hammer to the temple.

with that being said. here is some free shit from us, there links to our music for free download, the fucking way it should be.
The Oceans Call single with cool shit.
The Triumphant Return Of Polarbear Jones.
Choking On Loyality

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